A Secret Weapon For vaping jargon and terms glossary

Encarsia Formosa is actually a effective wasp that eats hazardous whiteflies.  Whiteflies are pests that will problems cannabis by sucking over the juice of leaves and flowers.

Kush refers into a extremely popular line of Indica cannabis strains, with genetics that hail from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kush has a unique aroma, called earthy, piney with sweet citrus overtones.

Adventitious Roots expand randomly or unintentionally, and shoot off in Bizarre directions.  Adventitious roots at times shoot out from the stem of an older root.  Inappropriate utilization of plant progress hormones like Auxins might trigger such a growth.

Budtender can be a person who advises buyers or individuals on their own purchase of recreational or health-related cannabis.  In essence, a budtender (BT) is often a cross among a bartender and a pharmacist, Performing the counter of a dispensary and offers ideas, responses inquiries and showcases  strains and solutions to consumers.

Now in the event you inquire me, which is Just about the most exceptional taste profiles that I've at any time heard of as well as the Milkman has completed an awesome occupation at executing it.

Hydro refers to your expanding medium which includes no soil wherever nutrients are delivered inside a drinking water Alternative to roots in the hydroponic system.

For that reason, the amount of time that nicotine stays in Your system depends on how much of that substance you may have inside your process.

Feminized refers to your seed that produces girls only.  Feminized seeds are really appealing because female bouquets comprise a great deal more Energetic ingredients than males and pollen from males may cause ladies to produce seeds and little THC or cannabinoids.  Feminized seeds are produced by selectively bred crops that make only feminine seeds.

Circuit - Electric powered can be a route along a conductor (wire) exactly where electrons stream a supply (large voltage) into a decrease voltage or ground. In an electric circuit, the movement of electrical power from the resource to an electrical system and loops back into the source.

Decompose means to rot or decay throughout the motion enzymes at the side of microorganisms, fungus or other microorganisms.

Clone is an asexual or self-propagated plant.  Marijuana is cloned by putting department cuttings in a suitable growth medium and natural environment to supply a plant with genetically equivalent expression.

is without doubt one of the four key species of cannabis which incorporate; Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis and Hemp.  Indica and Sativa are becoming the dominant species inside the marijuana industry.

Drip Line can be a line a couple of plant instantly underneath its outermost branches that ordinarily marks roots outermost expansion.

Landrace refers to wild cannabis, or crops that have been breeding For most many years, where by mother nature selects the vape wholesale fittest, without interference from gentleman.  The "first" genetics of cannabis are preserved from the wild landraces.  Landrace genetics change through the entire globe.

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